In 2013, Shala was an on-air guest on Huff Post Live's segment on how a humble first job changes your perspective on work. Publications

As the online editor for, a career networking platform connecting recruiters with job seekers, Shala wrote 800+ extensive and thought-provoking articles on recruitment & technology and job search trends, which were disseminated to thousands of recruiting and HR professionals. View the complete list of her articles here.

3 Steps to Candidate-Focused Recruitment

An infographic helps companies re-shift their focus back to the most important part of the recruiting process: the candidates. Keep Reading...



8 Rules for Internal Hiring

Want to know the truth about the hiring process? Most companies hire from within. While not at all surprising, this tidbit of information is not only valuable to the millions of job seekers, but to recruiters and hiring managers as well. Keep Reading...

Job Seekers, Recruiters Want 4 Things From You

I recently read a U.S. News story that talked about the recruiter’s wish-list for job seekers. With a 6.7 percent national unemployment rate, I’m certain there are millions of job seekers out there who’d like to know what recruiters desire when it comes to hiring. Keep Reading...


Forbes Feature

In 2013, Shala co-authored a article,"How To Have A More Successful Career In 2014."

Brown Sista Publications

Brown Sista Online Magazine is an e-zine aimed at African American women. As a freelance blogger, Shala contributed articles on a range of topics from self esteem and love to social justice and equality. View the complete list of her articles here.

Don't Apologize for Your Body

The body is not an apology. Or an excuse. Or a mistake. I really had to stop saying sorry for not having a perfect body. Call me crazy, but I’ve grown to find so much beauty in my imperfections.

Wow. My body is not an apology. My body is not an excuse. My body is not a mistake. Why have so many of us women been conditioned to think otherwise? Keep Reading...


What Do We Do Now?

Dear Black Community,

Remember this date of July 13, 2013.

Remember this day almost after three decades after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and her right to equality; remember this day 50 years after Martin Luther King proclaimed, “I Havea Dream” to thousands in front of the Lincoln Memorial; and please, remember this day after just five short years ago America elected its first African-American president.

Remember this day where our judicial system found George Zimmerman, the 29-year-old former neighborhood watch captain, NOT GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES for killing an unarmed 17-year-old black male child, Trayvon Martin. Please, remember this day. Keep Reading...

Should Black Women Be Proud of Olivia Pope?

1. Is Olivia Pope an image black women can be proud of?
2. Should she have to be? Is Olivia Pope just a character on screen, nothing more, nothing less? Keep Reading...


Thyblackman Publications is a blog that was created to unite black men and remind them of their brotherhood and value as men in this society. As a freelance blogger, Shala contributed articles about issues affecting the Black community. View the complete list of her articles here.

Are Black Parents Supportive Enough?

Article examines the correlation between parental involvement and urban youth success. Keep Reading...


Fruitvale Station Director: Why Ryan Coogler is the Perfect Example for Young Black Men

Black men, you don’t have to have 15 tattoos, glorify money, cars and degrade females in order to “make it.” You don’t have to be able to put your arm though a basketball hoop to be considered somebody. And you don’t have to let go of your culture, style or immerse yourself into politics to be respected (and accepted).

Ryan Coogler is who I want my brother and other young black men to look up to. His story, his realness, his relatable qualities…his example. Keep Reading...

Christians and Reality TV

Christians are not keeping up with the joneses; we don’t have to do everything the world does and then justify it by saying “oh we brought God in it” or “we’re doing this for Jesus.” Providing an alternative music genre to praise and honor God through worship, sure. Putting the lives of “saints” on display and having them be in an environment that can potentially breed actions Jesus is against? Not so much. Remember, 1 Cor. 10:23 says, “I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but not everything is constructive (NIV).” Keep Reading...