One way of gauging a nation’s health, or of discerning what it really considers to be its interests—or to what extent it can be considered as a nation as distinguished from a coalition of special interests—is to examine those people it elects to represent or protect it. One glance at the American leaders (or figure-heads) conveys that America is on the edge of absolute chaos...

                    —James Baldwin, "An Open Letter to My Sister, Miss Angela Davis," Nov. 1970

The Truth I Found in Dallas

The Truth I Found in Dallas

Tears streamed down her face as she openly shared her frustration and grief about the back-to-back killings that had taken place one week ago.

And even though the authenticity of her emotions clearly displayed her social consciousness, my heart was unsettled.

Before me was something that I did not often see, but an act that I felt needed to happen more often: A white woman not only openly condemning police brutality against African Americans in America but genuinely and unapologetically speaking the truths of the lack of value placed on black lives.

Black men, women and children are humans.

Our lives have value, and she understood that.